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It's finally happened. Republican proposed defense spending is below both Clinton's and the Congressional Democrats. Put that together with the last eight years of military activities and the Dems are now the party of a strong defense (sic), while the GOP edges back to it's pre-1940's alignment. To some extent, the outyear numbers are more a matter of political posturing, but postures can have their own significance.

[Nathan Newman, call your office.]

As I've said in the past, all the proposals are below the schedule of spending that would maintain its constant dollar value ("current services").

The totals are below, and the annual numbers are attached in a lotus spreadsheet, for those with a taste for such things.


P.S. Check out McNeil-Lehrer tonite. You might see something out of the ordinary.

Defense Spending Proposals (Outlays) Billions, current dollars

Fiscal Years 00-04 00-09

Current Services (OMB, 8/99) 1,542 3,310

Clinton Proposal (8/99) 1,477 3,268

GOP Budget Resolution (4/99) 1,471 3,052

Congressional Democrats (4/99) 1,469 3,110

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