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Sorry about that last message, it slipped out. (There's no new info on it.)

Well Dennis, I guess we're both in place and not moving. By Adorno's standards, not a single person on LBO gets any liberatory message from classical music, or any other kind of music, or any other kind of art, because we are so degraded by the market. If you don't think that is as bleak an assessment of possibility as one can find on the left, then we have different standards. Adorno's cultural theory is nothing more the reasseration of Deep Kultur versus Shallow Zivilization. There is nothing progressive about such elitism; it is diametically opposed to your own views on art or culture as you've expressed them in lbo-talk; and it's got nothing to do with the Left. Or, to be generous, it's not distinctive to the Left. One can hold the same snobby views -- that great art is the only thing worth living for, and the masses are incapable of understanding it -- on the right, and with fewer contortions.


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