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Joe Kaplinsky jkaplinsky at
Wed Aug 11 17:08:03 PDT 1999

>I think you are missing the fundamental point. When you substitute
>capital for onerous labor, your point is quite reasonable. When you
>substitute it for fulfilling work, you lose something, and you must
>begin to ask much more complex questions. The goal seems to me to be
>to attempt to convert farming, much of it anyway, to more fulfilling
>work. Perhaps this is not possible, of course, but that is another

This isn't a question of technology one way or the other.

Many people who enjoy mowing the lawn or working in the garden to relax would find the same activity under taken as wage labour far more onerous.

That is because the labour becomes alienated, taken from them. In a sense it is no longer freely undertaken.

Could you be a little more specific about the "something" which is lost? Surely the "something" is not down to the technology.


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