ANSWER: Name this socialist

Carl Remick cremick at
Wed Aug 11 12:35:13 PDT 1999

> Almost everything I know about Catholic social teaching I learned
> from a lecture I heard earlier this year by a Marxist Jesuit. He said
> that the Church philosophy was fundamentally corporatist - not
> socialist and not anticapitalist - and based on notions of fair
> shares (a fair wage, a fair profit, etc.).

The Catholic Church sees both capital and labor in a subservient capacity -- basically, I think it would like nothing better than a return to its golden age, medieval society.

Speaking of Jesuits, I'm surprised no one's mentioned yesterday's page-one Wall Street Journal article on Jerry Brown, the Jesuit-educated former "Governor Moonbeam" who's now the pro-growth, law 'n order (he's gotten tips from Rudy Giuliani, the WSJ says) mayor of Oakland. Subtle thinkers, those Jesuits.


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