ANSWER: Name this socialist

Carl Remick cremick at
Thu Aug 12 08:40:03 PDT 1999

> "Sticking to principle" is an admirable moral
> precept, but it leaves a lot of politics to the
> imagination.

I hear you, Max. Several times in the past, I have said that this list should focus more on practical politics and coalition-building than on theorizing and ideological purity. But I certainly see flaws in this position. The left's road to oblivion since the sixties has been paved by temporization. What has this resulted in? Bill Clinton, the Democrat who (as one columnist recently stated, I can't remember whom) has put the seal of approval on Reagan-Bushism in the same way that Republican Eisenhower legitimized the New Deal. Call it millennialism or whatever, but I have an eerie feeling that the right's renaissance is coming to an end. Perhaps if the left focuses on clarifying, not obscuring, ideological disputes, it will be better position to be a real force in politics at the opportune time than if it focuses prematurely on coalition-building.


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