Carla Del Pontes /Johannes/

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Fri Aug 13 03:19:29 PDT 1999

Thanks for the sites!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did run the wrong search (Ponte it was ) but in cyrillic, stupid thing to do -----Original Message----- From: Johannes Schneider <Johannes.Schneider at> To: lbo-talk at <lbo-talk at> Date: 13 Àâãóñò 1999 ã. 13:02 Subject: Re: Carla Del Pontes /Johannes/

>> She's too important a figure to ignore, even if only in the background.
>I wholly agree with you. Its is surprising they appointed a person, that
>not care about lawful standards in investigation as a judge. If she
>continues to act like this it will damage the image of the international
>court considerably.
Damage is relative; as long as she's convenient, that should be OK

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