Iraqi child death rates soar

David Jennings [MSAI] djenning at
Fri Aug 13 07:12:46 PDT 1999

On Fri, 13 Aug 1999, Carl Remick wrote:

>> Is there something more pathetic than the humanitarian attitudes from
>> imperialist
>> countries?

How about plain ole racist attitudes:

>"I've very concerned," Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, who served as
>the chief American representative at the United Nations during last
>year's confrontation, told reporters on Wednesday. "My experience with
>the Iraqis is if you give them an inch, they take a mile."

Perhaps the same is true of Arabs generally, or perhaps of all dark skinned people. No doubt we have a deep, abiding, and paternalistic concern for their well-being, no matter how much they exasperate us.

Just read the August 9/16 issue of the Nation, which makes Richardson look like a real prick. Here is the article by Bill Mesler:


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