Dini finally shows signs of understanding the Balkans

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Sat Aug 14 08:36:27 PDT 1999

You could accuse Dini & Co of being incompetent in fortune telling; another thing that comes to mind, is the anecdote of Karl Marx resurrecting and, having had a glimpse at how his theory had been put into practice, saying "Proletarians from all over the world, I am SORRY..." Yet, none of this provides a clue to the question of how, after all, did we/they/all got stuck into this??? No hint of even palliative therapy offered! -----Original Message----- From: Elias.Karagiannis at spg.org <Elias.Karagiannis at spg.org> To: lbo-talk at lists.panix.com <lbo-talk at lists.panix.com> Date: 14 Àâãóñò 1999 ã. 17:58 Subject: Dini finally shows signs of understanding the Balkans

>Here are some comments by Dini. It just dawned on him now that NATO's
>humanitarian bombing commenced the process of creating a number of purely
>ethnic mini states which in turn would turn the whole Balkans into an
>inferno. I guess it is never too late for the NATO war criminals to
>understand the outcome of their aggression. But why did they have to create
>a purely ethnic Albanian entity in Kosovo to understand the realities of
>the Balkans? Why did they have to destroy Yugoslavia to realize the
>stupidity of their action?
> ROME, Aug 14 (AFP) - The Balkans would be plunged into
>instability if Kosovo becomes a free country, Italian Foreign
>Minister Lamberto Dini said in an interview published Saturday.
> "An independent Kosovo would be a factor of destabilization for
>the Balkans, for Macedonia, for Albania, for the precedent that it
>would set," he told La Repubblica newspaper.
> Dini added: "If we start to create in the Balkans little states
>of one or two million people, we would soon have 20 (such
> Dini said NATO -- which is on record as opposing Kosovo's
>independence -- did not enter Kosovo after its 11-week air war
>against Yugoslaiva "to give it to the Kosovo Liberation Army."
> He indicated that the alliance will give the NATO-led Kosovo
>Force (KFOR) a request to "act more vigorously" to protect the
>province's Serb minority from revenge attacks.
> Kosovo should also get no reconstruction aid "if we do not see
>an effort to combat crime and drug trafficking," he said, adding
>that both were "on the rise."
> On NATO's air campaign, Dini said he regretted a lack of
>"transparency" within the alliance, citing as an example the bombing
>of Serbian television studios in Belgrade "which Italy and other
>Europeans felt should not have been touched."
> "Soldiers ought not to have free rein," he said, adding: "For
>some air raids, we were unable to understand who was deciding the
>targets -- the NATO supreme commander or the Pentagon."

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