ANSWER: Name this socialist

Michael Hoover hoov at
Sat Aug 14 18:40:13 PDT 1999

> Poland's Solidarity. What was
> once a left socialist labor movement that was almost
> anarcho-syndicalist became within a few short years
> a reactionary movement that once into power was
> quite willing to betray working class interests in
> a variety of ways including the privatization of enterprises.
> Jim F.

the impact of martial law, termination of Solidarity activities, and jailing of leaders after 1981 cannot be ignored

still, the state's *modus vivendi* with Catholic Church officialdom, which had existed since 1956 Polish unrest, meant that Jaruzelski government's response to growing crisis of legitimacy during the 1980s was to consult with Church leadership...Jaruzelski's choice of Catholic Mazowiecki (who had been jailed for a time under martal law) as prime minister in 1989 was acceptable to Cardinal Glemp who mistrusted Solidarity leaders with less impeccable religious backgrounds

Mazowiecki gov't, taking its cues from Western banks, governments, and the IMF, eliminated numerous public subsidies and implemented free market policies...then, Walesa's 1990 election gave evidence of Catholic church authoritarianism Michael Hoover

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