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W. Kiernan WKiernan at
Sun Aug 15 20:15:48 PDT 1999

Rakesh Bhandari wrote:
> In defense of needle exclusion, Max writes:
> > mbs: nonsense. universalization of health care would bring
> > coverage previously lacking precisely to the poor, more than
> > anyone else.
> What is the leading cause of death among drug addicted poor people?
> AIDS must be at least very near the top, and dirty needles must be
> the leading mechanism for transmission. Universalisation of health
> care would indeed help this population deal with the symptoms of
> AIDS, not its contraction. You are willing to write off this
> subpopulation. Horrifying and horrible.

Rakesh, I'm with Max on this. Can't speak for Max, but I'm sure not willing to write off that sub-population, as my two best friends ever, they're both dead now, were junkies. But new, clean, sharp points cost just twenty cents apiece.

Now the average U.S. voter thinks of all dopers, even innocent little potheads, as demons, and shooting-up dopers as king chupacabra blood-drooling demons. A legislature could simply legalize over-the-counter drug store sales of syringes - you could frame it as a convenience for old grandpas with diabetes, which it would be, too. Wouldn't that be a hundred times easier to sell to the voters than a bureaucratic program of giving away, at taxpayers's expense, fresh hardware to facilitate them dope fiends's satanic rituals?

God forbid any left candidate I like who has any chance of winning should ever come out publicly with a proposal to hand out needles to junkies.

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