ANSWER: Name this socialist

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Sun Aug 15 21:25:28 PDT 1999

>mbs: I never went into this part of it. It's not obvious the Dem
>Party would support
>such a plan, not because of anything related to abortion, but to

Please elaborate. How do you see universal health care being achieved in this country? First we excise the demands for free access to abortion, weakened patents and free needles. Then what? Then the Democrats say: "Now we can accept that, leftists--thanks for making the long march back to the center. We'll put this mature universal health care program at the center of our platform, all you have to do is register people to vote and we'll win because now we'll be seen to be a party of america-- not feminists, dope heads and third world charity cases." Max, how many times does Willy have to b-slap before you get a clue?

yours, rakesh

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