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Mon Aug 16 16:28:44 PDT 1999

Wojtek wrote:

> A larger point is that many on the Left see symbols as more important
> reality, and for ideological reasons embrace positions that glamorize
> poverty and find excuses for its social ills - which pushes it to take
> abusrd positions (cf. defending the right of the homeless to squat in
> public parks) that marginalize and alienate the Left from the working
> which has to deal with reality on every day basis.

the only mob who have ever tended to glamorise poverty are the fransiscans and associated tendencies as far as i can tell.

and, how exactly is defending the right of the homeless to socialise their homelessness by living in public spaces an absurd position? no one would suggest it's a solution, but it what are the other immediate options for someone looking to bed down for the night?

and, is there really such an easy distinction between the working class and the homeless, especially in the US?

Angela _________

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