Flash: Dozens injured as RUC attacks Ormeau residents

David Jennings [MSAI] djenning at ai.uga.edu
Mon Aug 16 19:05:21 PDT 1999

On Sat, 14 Aug 1999, elena wrote:

>Coincidentally/preemptively, this is what you get on ITN bulletin:
> * Omagh remembers one year on
> The market town of Omagh will come to a standstill on Saturday as the town
> remembers the victims of the 1998 bombing one year on.
> At 3.10 pm on Saturday everything will come to a halt and a silence will
> observed in memory of the 29 people killed - the biggest loss of life of
> single incident in 30 years of terrorism.

This, incidently, isn't true, unless one presumes that bodies in Omagh count more than ones in Dublin. If we are to take "single incidents" as bombings, assasinations, riots, then the single worst incident was a no-warning car bombing in Talbot Street Dublin on May 17 1974, which claimed 30 lives. (I get this from Tim Pat Coogan's "The Troubles".)

Perhaps the intent is to not count violence in the Republic, which in itself is telling. We generally "count" NI related violence in England.


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