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Tue Aug 17 04:18:38 PDT 1999

Michael Pollak wrote:
> Johannes Schneider <Johannes.Schneider at> said:
> > TEL AVIV, Israel (CNN) -- German Jewish leader Ignatz Bubis was buried
> > Sunday not in his hometown of Frankfurt, but in Tel Aviv, where he
> > hoped to escape desecration of his grave by neo-Nazis.
> Bubis did have some grounds for this fear, since his predecessor, Heinz
> Galinski, had his grave desecrated.
> But in the event, Bubis's grave was desecrated in Israel almost
> immediately after the service by an Israeli artist (Meir Mendlesohn) who
> accused him of collaborating with the Nazis.
I was expecting this to come up. First there is a difference between destroying a grave with a bomb explossion and pouring out some colour, that was almost not noted. But thats not the decisive point here. Much more revealing is the reaction of the German public on the incident: If you go to: you will notice the first mentioning of the desecreation game at 8.44 pm in an AP report, it was just mentioned as a minor incident at the end of the funeral service. Only the next morning at 10.31 dpa is reporting: 'Israeli desecrates Bubis grave'. Now all the other agencies (Reuters) are carrying the story. AP is making a story out of it as well. All the major TV networks report now something as a big event, that was not even worth mentioning the evening before. Some even had it as the lead story. What is beeing made out of it is obvious: All the warnings of Bubis about the increasing threat of anti-semitism and Neo-Nazism in Germany were unneccessary. Even worse, its the Jews who invented it and faked it. Today the story is going on. Two anti-semitic stereotypes are presented again: First the 'Rich Jew' (Bubis), who got his money through some dubious financial transactions (thats what Mendelsohn is saying), but he cannot be attacked because Jews are sacrosanct in Germany. Secondly the 'Filthy, Criminal Jew' (Mendelsohn himself). The leading tabloid BILD is carrying a background story on Meir Mendelsohn, linking him with prostitution and fraud. One cannot eat as much, as one would like to vomit. Johannes

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