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Tue Aug 17 08:44:35 PDT 1999

Yes, afterward, I was thinking , this is so stupid , it has to be a joke. But there are people thinking this way or close to it seriously these days from what you read elsewhere.

Charles Brown

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>"Charles Brown" wrote:
>>Seems to me the sinister, deeper message is something like "see, we even
>the Royal >family has genes for lower intelligence in its history. So, the
>notion of genetic determination >of intelligence is not elitist or racist,
>otherwise why would we say it impacts the Royals ?"
>I agree -- and it certainly helps that any Royals who might be impacted are
>dead or obscure enough that it won't be considered important.
>>Leaving aside the false theory of genetic determination of intelligence
>a moment...
>And what a theory! Have you heard of this supposed "link" mentioned in the
>article before?
>Or what the "treatment" of the Japanese man was?
>(From the original Sunday Times article):
><<The link between genetics and IQ scores was found only four years ago,
>the primary differences between a group of American children with IQs of 130
>and another group with IQs of 82 was a single gene, EST00083. <snip>
>Mark Thomas, a genetics lecturer at University College London, said there
>hope for anyone who had the gene. A Japanese man treated for a similar
>condition saw his IQ immediately increase by 20 points. >>
>This sounds completely off-the-wall to me.

Right. Has anyone considered the possibility that this whole thing might be some kind of elaborate joke?

David Horne

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