Anarchism / Marxism debates

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Aug 17 12:57:23 PDT 1999

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Seems to me
> you push where you can - more unionization, more worker control of
> the workplace, more socialization of consumption and investment (free
> day care, education, health care, etc.), more democratic forms of
> land use planning, regulatory and other constraints on corporate
> power. . . .

I would like to see a scenario for this. My own suspicion is that as difficult (perhaps impossible) as revolution may be, this process is even more wildly improbable. If this is the only route, Red Rosa's alternative of barbarism seems most likely.

Example: the conditions under which it would be possible to create *adequate* "regulatory and other constraints on corporate power" would also constitute conditions under which revolution would suddenly appear more likely.

"Overnight" change is of course not possible or even desirable under either a revolutionary or evolutionary banner.


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