Is this for real ?

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Wed Aug 18 07:48:57 PDT 1999

This mechanical postmodern essay generator seems like the Sokal and Bricomont hoax to the tenth power.

Charles Brown

>>> "Workers World / Chicago" <wwchi at> 08/17/99 08:45PM >>>

The most hilarious link from this page is the "Postmodern Essay Generator" at

This link, when selected, automatically generates your own personal postmodern essay. It is likely to have a lot to do with socialist realism. If you get it published, be sure to credit the author of the program:

>The Postmodernism Generator was written by Andrew C. Bulhak, using the Dada Engine, a system for generating random text
from recursive grammars.

>More detailed technical information may be found in Monash University Department of Computer Science Technical Report
>96/264: "On the Simulation of Postmodernism and Mental Debility Using Recursive Transition Networks". An on-line
>copy is available here.

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