master race scheme

Michael Hoover hoov at
Wed Aug 18 17:36:33 PDT 1999

> Wall Street Journal - August 17, 1999
> By Douglas A. Blackmon
> Staff reporter of The Wall Street Journal
> The Pioneer Fund, which today remains a controversial funder of
> research into the roots of intelligence,
> principal founder, Wickliffe Preston Draper,

controversial is an understatement...recipients of Pioneer Fund money include: Center for Individual Rights/litigated *Hopwood*, denies legitimacy of sexual harrassment

Foundation for American Immigration Reform/consultant wrote Prop. 187 and west coast organizer chaired drive

Center for Social & Economic Studies/publishes anti-immigrant, anti- feminist, pro-white American, pro-racial homogeneity material... influenced by 19th century white supremacist theories of Arthur de Gobineau

among those who rely upon and cite Pioneer Fund studies on race & intelligence and race & culture are Richard Herrnstein & Charles Murray, Thomas Sowell, and Richard Sternberg

Pioneer Fund founder Draper proposed sending black to Africa...his associate Harry Laughlin received an honorary degree in 1936 from Heidelberg University for contributions to eugenics and 'racial hygiene' admired by the Nazis...until 1985, Pioneer Fund's charter stated that scholarship money could only be given to white students who could prove their ancestors had settled in one of the original 13 states prior to ratification of the 1787 constitution...Pioneer Fund is said have ties to neo-Nazi groups... Michael Hoover

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