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>But that is what I was arguing - that it is "the middle class thing" to
>consume packaged images of rebellion against middle class boredom - middle
>class "leftists" are no different than other middle class identity groups
>in this respect.


The funny thing is that the poor also consume. They consume images of the middle classes and the rich. Blacks go wasp. Whites go wigger. What's it all mean?

You're here -----> and you look like this

but you're still here <------

it's not where you're at, or where you're going,

or where you're from, but what you choose to represent

Fashion and costumery are an inescapable fact of our affluent, postmodern, consumerist economy.

No one escapes.

Some welfare-to-work programs provide 'job interview suits', so at some level, we believe it's an integral part of social welfare.

And, that's why "the homeless" are fucked. (With the quotes, I am excluding those homeless who don't appear to be homeless but look like 'normal' people.)

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