Columbine Nazism/Racism

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Charles Brown wrote:
> Your analysis of the way the media covers up and lies is too
> simplistic. Good liars lie selectively, use half-truths, etc.

your analysis of the media as a single-minded, monolithic entity is simplistic.


Charles: That's "monopolistic" , and there is a lot of monolithicism in that monopoly media. The diversity of the media is superficial. The media is substantially singleminded on the issues that count: class struggle, white supremacy, male supremacy , et al. The main thing that the ruling class has on the working class is its superior class consciousness and the ability to unite on critical issues. This is the greatest "monolith", single rock, in existence. The monopoly capitalist media substantially represents and reflects this monolith.


the "media" frequently do not lie intentionally, even though what the media say is frequently untrue, half-truth, manipulation of the truth, etc. those untruths reflect how well the producers of media (at the reportorial level, not at the ownership level) are enmeshed in the status quo. many of the untruths are not produced by dishonest people, but rather by people who are unable (or unwilling) to see outside of a dominant world view.


Charles: See _Inventing Reality_ by Michael Parenti on the unity in the diversity of the media. The publishers, owners and editors control the reporters like all employees are controlled by bosses. The reporters learn to follow company policy consciously and unconsciously. They have no more choice than other workers to follow the bosses' policy. The source of media mendacity is not the reporters as individuals, in the main. The "media" is not it workers anymore than Ford is its workers.

Detroit News and Free Press workers, including reporters and writers have been on strike/lockout for 5 years. Pacifica just had a big class struggle over specifically news content issues, but that is the exception and the norm is that the bosses control news content in million different ways.

There is freedom of press for them that own the presses.


your own interpretation of the columbine shootings as motivated primarily by racist fascism reflects a similar inability on your part.


Charles: The racist fascism need not be the primary motivation, but it was a motivation and of the motivations mentioned, it was the one with the greatest social significance. Jock hating may have motivated the shooting, but it is not as big a problem in our society as fascistic racism and racism.

I am fully able to see and understand the Columbine situation and American society in general for what it actually and objectively is. Unfortunately, my ability in that regard is rare.

Charles Brown

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