Max B. Sawicky sawicky at
Sat Aug 21 12:57:38 PDT 1999

Max B. Sawicky wrote:
>An abortion is an appendectomy,
>but execution of a vicious murderer is an act of barbarism.
Max, does the concept of birth mean anything to you? The beginning of life and all that? Implying that there's a difference between a 11-week-old fetus and a 30-year-old human, even a "vicious murderer"? Or is this just some pedantic distinction? Doug

I'm not much concerned about 11 week old fetuses. I've said a bunch of times it's approximately weeks T-4 and forward to birth that are most troublesome, in thinking about abortion. No the concept of birth does not mean much more, in this context, than the concept of becoming two years old. It's a more spectacular milestone, but part of a larger process.

Compare a very late-term fetus to a vicious murderer, and the choice favoring the former seems so obvious as to defy the need for argument. Not pedantic at all.


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