Max B. Sawicky sawicky at
Sun Aug 22 15:14:18 PDT 1999

> mbs: My only axe to grind here is that lefts ought to reflect
> on why they think differently than the w.c., even when they're right
> and the w.c. is wrong. It'll happen some day. I'm optimistic.

the left and the working class are different? those who are working class and left are no longer part of the working class?

mbs: no those who are left often do not think the same way as working class people. Often these lefts are not working class themselves.

I don't think organizational form is really the issue, though I don't disagree completely (only partially) with your remarks in that vein.

The point about organizing workers in new sectors of the economy working under new arrangements, and how that translates "social" issues into "economic" ones is interesting and important. I hadn't thought about it in just that way before.

The party issue I don't think is as relevant. Party centralization hardens old organizing habits, but in the U.S. labor organization is not a creature of a political party. The only labor organization the Dem Party cares about is the ability of the unions to contribute volunteer labor and money for elections. The Dems could not be less involved in how the AFL organizes or doesn't organize workers to join unions. The recent shenanigans with the Teamsters was more of an exception than anything else.


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