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Joblessness up in Latin America

An initiative to build a network of thousands of organizations to create a "loose yet effective coalition"

Big, aren't they? Scientists warn North America vulnerable to attack on food supply

Chiapas95, a series of "lists" which distribute news and debate

Environmental Activism and Philosophy, The Data Centre

Canada union says no deal imminent at Highland mine

Australia: More protests over protected Aboriginal site planned

The Pacifica Wars: A Debate

Peru bolsters army patrols along Colombia border

Campaign for the withdrawal of US/NATO from Serbia

Green groups slam world gov'ts over logging

Manif organisers prepare to launch cyber war on City

Un-civil rights: Justice Department Proposes Secret Searches of Homes, Offices

An open letter from Frei Betto, the Brazilian Franciscan liberation theologian, to Che

Sinn Fein warns Britain on prisoner release

England: Animal rights activists arrested in monkey protest

Farmers dump manure at McDonald's

Is economic "progress" killing the planet?

Debate sharpens over Pentagon moves on Vieques

India: Congress split in Tripura inevitable

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