"The General," Eleanor Marx, & Yvonne KappRe: (YOUNG) COMRADE ENGELS, A KISS TO YOU - Negri

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon Aug 23 09:08:55 PDT 1999

Michael Perelman wrote:

<<What is meant by the reference to "the general"? Engels was very interested in military affairs, so much so that some of his articles were assumed to have been written by a real general. The tone of the article suggests a bit of contempt in the name, or am I misreading Negri?>>

I don't know how Negri uses it, but it Engels's nickname among friends, as "The Moor" was Marx's nickname. To catch the warmth in the name, read Yvonne Kapp's two volume biography of Eleanor Marx -- a really beautiful work which should be much more widely known. It is out of print but worth whatever you might have to pay for a second hand copy.


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