"Fatherhood" and Control of the Female Body

Steve Perry sperry at usinternet.com
Tue Aug 24 22:48:33 PDT 1999

>Yoshie writes:
>The above paragraph by Steve is, however, wonderful in that it clarifies,
once again, one of the foundations for men's desire to control women's sexuality & reproductive capacity: unless a man is sure it is *his* child that *his* woman is carrying, and unless also he has a say in the fate of *his* woman's pregnancy, he is absolved of responsibility; and if a woman expects support from a man, she must allow him to control what happens to her body. Now you are bringing back Chastity Belts (see Engels).

Huh--did I say *anything* about contesting biological parentage?

Better to see the DSM IV, which offers a choice of names for the sorts of delusions from which you seem to suffer. I don't have it at hand, however, so you're on your own.

Steve also wrote:
>>>Yes, indeed, every sperm is sacred.
>>a stumper! i'm trying to decide if yoshie advocates spitting or
>I believe she favors choking on it.

>You certainly exhibit hatred and contempt for women whose ideas do not
agree with you.


Well, it does seem a little grandiose to suppose that my thinking you're an idiot makes me a hater of women, but where--and what--would you be without the persecutional puffery?

As to the sum of your logorrhea, Joan Didion--a woman, and therefore someone I despise!--said it best:

Oh, wow.

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