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> But the death penalty also disproportionately affects minorities and
the poor, so i dont see how
> that particular argument holds up.

mbs: Good example. Minorities overwhelmingly favor capital punishment. In the U.S. They know that shit and they don't care -- they still disagree with you. But what do they know? They haven't read any books. They don't understand that they are just living in myths constructed by and for the ruling class. They just think, when you kill an innocent person, you should die. When you terminate a pregnancy, it means more than popping a zit. The fools!


Charles: The overwhelming majority of the working class don't think that the working class has a special and critical role in changing society. Isn't that a paradoxical version of this ? Anyway, we do have a special role and we have to overcome the riddle.

All ruling classes of all times have remained in power because they have higher class consciousness than the classes they exploit, so this is an old problem.

Most minorities have read some books.

where is it the law of politics that we have to like, agree with or exalt other working class people in order to regard them as our class?

mbs: My only axe to grind here is that lefts ought to reflect on why they think differently than the w.c., even when they're right and the w.c. is wrong. It'll happen some day. I'm optimistic.


Charles: We should reflect on it and act to change it. Our work is cut out for us.

A hint on why so many people think against their class interests: the ruling class very class consciously controls and limits the consciousness making institutions. But my saying that doesn't get around the problem.

Charles Brown

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