murder v. killing

Marta Russell ap888 at
Wed Aug 25 08:57:53 PDT 1999

kelley wrote:

> 5. clearly marta i was arguing that a fetus or potential human life does
> not have the same status as an infant. my argument was in response to
> those who don't like abortion=murder but who also find it repulsive to
> think of it as akin to an appendectomy.

Yes I got that. I was expanding on the now loaded word "killing." Singer supports killing infants. And, I'm not sure but Singer may not make a distinction between fetus and under 30 day old infant in that he considers the parent's right to eliminate an unwanted infant to extend past birth.

Bioethicists are the ones with power to influence policy. This guy is at Princeton at the Human Ethics Center, and has a respected podium from which to argue his positon. His view could move into the mainstream.. It is not such a leap to anticipate that the dumb liberals might be convinced to think that knocking off infants would be advancing individual rights.

-- Marta Russell

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