Single-Payer National Health Insurance

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Wed Aug 25 07:46:37 PDT 1999

. . . While I definitely think we should increase many areas of public health spending, the best public health measures are basic progressive ideals: peace, bread, work, and freedom.

Health care organization aside, the above should be underlined. It's true for education too -- factors outside schools affect what goes on inside schools. I know, what a concept. But this has been documented empirically, and this information ought to be useful in the political arena.

Narrowing the focus to health care organization or education per se can lead to excessive policy- wonkization of the topic.

Getting back to wonkery, however, I am curious about Hawaii. My impression was they had achieved high coverage rates at the cost of a somewhat regressive financing scheme. What is the nature and source of the missing coverage?


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