James Farmelant farmelantj at
Wed Aug 25 13:14:36 PDT 1999

On Wed, 25 Aug 1999 15:38:09 -0400 Doug Henwood <dhenwood at> writes:
>I don't think WBAI's net connection is working, so this is meaningful
>only to people in & around NYC. Tomorrow I'll be interviewing George
>Friedman, head of the mysterious Stratfor, about the state of the
>world and the Clinton strategic vision, and Dana Frank, author of Buy
>American: The Untold Story of Economic Nationalism (she doesn't like
>it). Thursday 8/26, 5-6, WBAI, 99.5 FM, NYC.


Maybe when you interview Goerge Friedman you can find who or what Stratfor really is. How do they keep coming up with such insightful analyses? Is it really true that Stratfor is full of retired spooks from the CIA and the other intelligence services?

Jim F.

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