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> An Educational Conference in The Longhouse
> The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington
> Friday afternoon through Sunday, October 22-24, 1999
> Registration Deadline is Friday October 15, 1999
> $75/participant: Checks to: "TESC-WTO Conference."
> For further information, contact:
> Dan Leahy or Stephanie Guilloud
> stephg at elwha.evergreen.edu
> The Evergreen State College
> Olympia, Washington 98505
> (360) 866-6000 x. 6478
> (As of August 11, 1999)
> Maria de la Luz Arriaga. Ms. Arriaga is an international expert on
> unions of education workers and public education systems in Canada, the
> United States, and Mexico. She is a Professor of Economics at the
> National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and has served as the
> Coordinator of the Mexican Section of the Trinational Coalition in
> Defense of Public Education since 1995.The Coalition was formed to defend
> public education against the privatizing measures of NAFTA. She will
> have just returned from a conference in Quito, Ecuador where leaders of
> public education unions met to organize around the Free Trade Area of the
> Americas.
> George Becker. Mr. Becker is the International President of the United
> Steelworkers of America, AFL-CIO, CLC, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
> Mr. Becker was elected International President in 1993 and re-elected in
> November, 1997. Prior to his election as International President, Mr.
> Becker served the USWA in various capacities including as a local
> president, an international staff representative, administrative
> assistant to the International President, and as Vice President for
> administration. As President, Mr. Becker created the Rapid Response
> program which mobilized more than 160,000 letters to Congress opposing
> Fast Track trade legislation which played a major part in the defeat of
> the measure.
> Maria Cain. Ms. Cain is a staff member of the King County Council, based
> in Seattle, Washington, and a former Bellevue City Council person.
> Recently, she has developed a nation wide educational project for the
> National Association of Counties on the relationship of national and
> subnational sovereignty to international trade agreements.
> Ruth Caplan. Ms. Caplan resides in Washington, D.C. and coordinates the
> Economics Working Group (EWG), a project of the Tides Center, which she
> founded in 1993. In the process of bringing people together to examine
> underlying economic issues related to environmental sustainability, the
> EWG developed a General Agreement on a New Economy (GANE) which suggests
> a structure that would allow communities to move toward sustainability,
> equity, and full employment. Ms. Caplan also co-chairs the Alliance for
> Democracy's Corporate Globalization/Positive Alternatives campaign now
> focused on the WTO Ministerial Meeting and the preservation of democratic
> institutions in the global economy.
> Thea Lee (tentative) Ms. Lee is the Assistant Director of the Public
> Policy Office for the AFL-CIO, based in Washington, D.C.
> Rory O'Neill. Mr. O'Neill is Editor of the UK labour, health and safety
> magazine, Hazards and Workers' Health International Newsletter (WHIN),
> based in Sheffield, England. He is also the Health, Safety and
> Environmental Officer for the International Federation of Journalists
> which represents 134 journalists unions in 100 countries. In addition,
> Mr. O'Neill serves on the health, safety and environmental panel of the
> International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU). Currently, he
> is a Visiting Research Scholar at the UCLA Labor Center in Los Angeles,
> California.
> Stewart and Joan Phillip. Chief Stewart Philip is a member of the
> Penticton Indian Band, which is a member of the Okanagan Nation. He was
> elected Chief in 1996. In 1998, he was elected President of the Union of
> British Columbia Indian Chiefs, with offices based in Vancouver, British
> Columbia. Joan Phillip is an elected Councilor of the Penticton Band and
> is the first non-original Band member in the political history of the
> Band to be elected to the Council. She is also the Band's Director of
> Land Management.
> Noel Schacter. (tentative). Mr. Schacter is the Director of the
> International Branch in the Ministry of Employment and Investment for the
> Provincial government of British Columbia, based in Victoria.
> Tyree Scott. Mr. Scott is an electrician and a rank and file member of
> IBEW Local 46 in Seattle, Washington. He is a longtime labor movement
> activist and founder of LELO's International Worker to Worker project, an
> effort to bring ordinary workers into communication with each other
> across borders for the purpose of intervening in the global economy.
> LELO is the NW Labor and Employment Law Office, formed in 1973 when
> Black, Latino and Asian American Workers came together to work for racial
> and economic justice.
> Nandita Sharma. Ms Sharma is a Ph.D Candidate at Toronto University. She
> is currently completing her studies at Simon Frazer University in
> Burnaby, British Columbia. She also serves as Coordinator of the Basmati
> Action Group which was formed to raise awareness about issues of
> bio-piracy, transgenic and life patents, and colonialism.
> Jim Sinclair. Mr. Sinclair is the newly elected President of the British
> Columbia Federation of Labour. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, this
> Federation represents over 450,000 members. Prior to his election to the
> Presidency in May, Mr. Sinclair served for many years as a staff person
> and elected 2nd Vice President of the United Fishermen and Allied
> Workers' Union/Canadian Auto Workers Union. In this capacity he was the
> lead negotiator in industry wide negotiations with corporate leaders of
> resource companies. In addition to his duties as President of the BC
> Federation, he also is a member of the BC Hydro Board of Directors and
> the Vancouver Richmond Health Board.
> JAGGI SINGH -Jaggi, a former student at the University of British
> Columbia in
> Vancouver, was one of the organizers of a student group called APEC ALERT
> which formed to oppose the November 1997 APEC Leader's Summit held on the
> university campus. He was also an organizer with the NO TO APEC Coalition
> -- a grouping of over 50 grassroots groups in Vancouver -- and the East
> Timor Alert Network. APEC consists of 18 member "economies" pledged to
> de-regulate trade and investment and promote private sector economic
> growth as the prime duty of affiliated governments. Since the end of the
> Summit, Jaggi has continued to be active in grassroots campaigns against
> corporate-style globalization, including a large-scale direct action
> campaign against the MAI in Montreal. He has also been involved with a
> public commission investigating RCMP and government excesses at the APEC
> Summit.
> Sally Soriano. Ms Soriano is Coordinator of the Washington State Fair
> Trade Campaign based in Seattle, Washington. The Campaign lobbies for
> citizens to be included in the trade pact negotiating process and
> educates the public about the anti-democratic, anti-environmental, and
> anti labor structures of the so called "free trade pacts," including
> NAFTA, the WTO and the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI). She is
> on the Steering Committee of the Seattle area People's Host Committee
> which is coordinating the numerous public events planned to parallel the
> closed meetings of the Third Ministerial.
> Robert Stumberg. Mr. Stumberg is a professor of law at Georgetown
> University Law Center. He also serves as clinical director of the
> Harrison Institute for Public Law, a teaching and service program that
> serves public officials and nonprofit organizations. His current trade
> works include the impact of trade and investment agreements on
> subnational governments, economic development policy, and human rights
> standards for public purchasing. His published work includes
> "Sovereignty by Subtraction: The Multilateral Agreement on Investment"
> (forthcoming) and "The Impact of GATT on State Law."
> Sunera Thobani. Ms. Thobani is the Ruth Wynn Woodward Endowed Professor
> in Women's Studies at Simon Fraser University, in Burnaby, British
> Columbia. From 1993 to 1996, she served as President of the National
> Action Committee on the Status of Women, Canada's largest feminist
> organization, and led campaigns for economic and social justice for women
> in Canada. Part of her work entailed the Committee's cross Canada
> Women's March Against Poverty with the Canadian Labour Congress. This
> march became the biggest women's march in Canadian history. In addition,
> Ms. Thobani represented the Committee at the UN World Summit in
> Copenhagen in 1995 and UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in
> 1995.

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