Effective Planning vs. 'Complete Knowledge' (was Re: whatdoeschaz want?)

Rob Schaap rws at comserver.canberra.edu.au
Wed Aug 25 21:01:19 PDT 1999

>This debate is getting weird. Were it not that the old thaxis list had
>been wrecked by an incompetent moderator that would perhaps
>have been a better context for this issue.

Thanks for this important contribution to the debate at hand, Carrol! What an unpleasant little creature you've become.

I'm very interested in the planning debate but, once I got to yet another gratuitous attack on the tendentiously misrepresented Angela, I just couldn't be bothered reading on. As you're not on Thaxis, I must agree that might well be a better context for this issue.

Be honoured Carrol - my only flame in four years - and it's all yours.

With apologies to Doug for my weakness, Rob.

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