yoshie vs. yoshie (was Re: whatdoeschaz want?)

christian a. gregory pearl862 at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 26 07:39:36 PDT 1999

Angela asked:

> moreover, since you claimed a connection between the planning for the
> satisfaction of presumably natural needs (more below) and (i take it as
> implied since you refuse to answer) state planning, what precisely
> distinguishes this from the synthesis of biology and economics in
> politics, the vesting of the state with the planning of 'the life of the
> people' defined in biological terms and its connection to the state's
> economic planning, that characterised nazism?

Well, if this is what Yoshie meant, then there would be one pretty big difference. Nazism--fascism of a German variety--wasn't characterized simply by the overweening ambitions of the state. It was characterized by the aestheticization of the state--and politics in general. It was a political ontology that enshrined a national _Gesamtkunstwerk_ as its truest expression. Again, don't know what Yoshie thinks of state planning in socialist societies, but this would be one difference between two kinds of big-state apparati.


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