GM Organisms/Deutsche Bank

Thu Aug 26 09:56:15 PDT 1999

I'd hesitate before getting excited about this one. Not meaning to be horrible, but a Sell note from Deutsche Bank Securities isn't going to bring any form of capital to its knees. DB Securities is the ghost of Morgan Grenfell, now beefed up with those BT Alex Brown unfortunates who couldn't find a date for the get-out-of-jail party. A sell note from them has about as much impact as ... well ... a Sell note from Flemings.

Which brings to mind the worst review I ever received -- the Telegraph described a document I'd produced as "landing on the financial markets with all the impact of a feather coming lightly to rest on a blancmange".

ho hum


____________________________________ In message <B03898593BC0D011A5B50060973D0F5C0113CC9B at rlm->, Carl Remick <cremick at> writes
>[Angela kindly alerted me to the following Guardian story offlist.

>Europe's biggest bank has advised the world's largest investors to sell
>their shares in leading companies involved in the development of
>genetically modified organisms because consumers do not want to buy
>their products.

Yes, indeed. I agree with Carl. This is a milestone. It shows that the barrier to the development of the productive forces (in this case GM food) is the capitalist Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank's reactionary attack on GM food should be opposed. - -- Jim heartfield




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