THE bet

kelley kcwalker at
Thu Aug 26 20:23:44 PDT 1999

i know this one! i know this one! coz i had been subbed to this friggin list for a month and it was the first sign of humorous life i stumbled over. an entire month i whined to doug daddy that i was running out of toothpicks to keep the lids from drooping. and you, max, were cracking me up b/c all these wanker economists were going ga ga over the possibility of world revolution b/c some wall streeters might lose a few pair of their $100 socks! i'm O-L and at the risk of pissing doug off yet again i must get in on this one. the bet was over whether the world would crumble over the market crash and a case of some sort of scotch rested on it as i recall. laguvian or something far too rich for my blood i think. that's when, max dearest, i just knew you was the man for me! too bad you're taken.

i think i should get a bonus for remembering that it was a case of scotch.


>I predict that in about three weeks, a certain Brit named Mark Jones
>experience some modest pangs of embarrassment. The first person who
>can remember why will be awarded some of the spoils of war, assuming
>Cmde. Jones is a honorable man and there are some spoils to be had.

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