Gore: creationism OK

kelley kcwalker at syr.edu
Fri Aug 27 12:35:52 PDT 1999

rakesh, wojtek was talking about the way religious othering was significant in the development of nationalism in the US circa 1800s. not today. i mean this was pretty clear from his ref to E. Europe, no? to point to the groups that he pointed to is hardly surprising and not necessarily malicious or even forgetful given that, while true, there certainly was an influx of asian immigration there were significant geographical and urban spatial reasons why the idea of asian religions didn't come into obvious play wrt protestantism, at that time. furthermore, i'd say that ange's insistence that we focus on racialization would be important here. this is particularly true if you think further back to the rise of protestantism in europe in the first place which very much did define itself against the Other of catholocism and judaism as barbaric, authoritarian, anti democratic, and decadent. And don't forget that the jew was the dark-skinned moor, right? in any event, we should examine the self-identity of white protestantism and how it defined itself against and targeted certain Others with some Others being more prominent given particular historical circumstances.

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