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So in addition to the planning problem we have the dismantling of coercive relations within firms to consider....I see an exponential increase on constraints here.....


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> Wojtek Sokolowski wrote:
> >However, planning can be much closer to "perfect knowledge" than pure
> >market, because it can take advantage of the economies of scale
> in reducing
> >"transaction costs." (see Oliver Williamson, _markets and hierarchies_).
> And don't forget what Coase, who originated the line of thinking that
> Williamson developed, said in his classic article "The Nature of the
> Firm": "If a workman moves from department Y to department X, he does
> not go because of a change in relative prices, but because he is
> ordered to do so." The legal text that Coase quoted from was Batt's
> The Law of Master and Servant. In other words, planning within the
> firm replaces (indirectly coercive) market relations with directly
> coercive relations. A problem for people who want to extrapolate from
> capitalist "planning" to post-capitalist planning.
> Doug

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