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"Jeffrey St. Clair" <sitka at> wrote:
> [why, exactly, is this question harmless?--jsc]
> Bush gets another tricky question
> LORENCE, S.C. (AP) - Another day, another tricky question for George
> W. Bush about his past. But this time the subject was harmless - his
> favorite book as a child - and Bush simply drew a blank.
> ``I can't remember any specific books,'' he hedged, when asked by a
> schoolchild. He said he liked to read about baseball great Willie
> Mays and some book on Texas history.

It ain't harmless, Shrub was really caught up short, as his childhood faves were "Junkie," "Naked Lunch," and "Lolita," but of course he didn't want to admit that to the press.

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ps new Dubya campaign ad theme music: "He's all right, he's all right, he's all right..."

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