What About Freud? Marx?

Jeffrey St. Clair sitka at home.com
Sat Aug 28 05:01:28 PDT 1999

Why all of the media uproar over the decision of Kansas to elide (as much as possible) the observations of Mister Darwn from the classroom? Having spent many hours in the middle and high school classrooms of Oregon, that Enlightened State, tracking the studies of my two teenagers, Darwin has yet to make even the slightest appearance. The biology classes scrupulously avoid the meta-topic of evolution. Kansas has made de jure, what is de facto across much of the nation.

But so what? Other great post-enlightenment thinkers, Freud, Hegel, Marx, Weber, and Levi-Strauss, have also been carved from any textbook and are not even to be found in the high school library--this is in the Portland metro area, not faraway Baker City. (Not to mention, closer to home, Edward Abbey or Vine Deloria, who have more to say about the real history of the West than anything in the history texts.)

Can you imagine CNN (or the NYT, for that matter) devoting stories to, say, the State of Alabama's decision to excise Marx from the high school curriculum? Nope. But I can easily envision widespread outrage on those same editorial pages at a decision by, say, the Ann Arbor school district to make the 18th Brumaire and Totem and Taboo required reading.


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