Waco and the Lesser of Two Evils

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sat Aug 28 12:44:07 PDT 1999

Michael Perelman wrote:

>I just saw the Waco video last night. Interesting/frightening. One of
>the preachers that plays basketball with me at the gym, an ex-druggie
>musician has a similar way of looking at the Bible as Koresh. Both are
>smart, but go off in wierd directions.
>The video made a pretty convincing case that the government was (almost?)
>entirely wrong. In the congressional hearings, the people who sounded
>the most rational were Wacco Repugs, such as Bob Barr.

Chuck Schumer comes off like a mad pig. Anyone who voted for him, even to get rid of D'Amato, should see Waco: Terms of Engagement. You could have voted for Freudo-Marxist and Capitalism Nature Socialism contributor Joel Kovel on the Green ticket.

When I saw Kovel last weekend at URPE summer camp, he said he's wants to get away from the concept of use value, which is too much like using-up, and replace it with the concept of usufruct.


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