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Sun Aug 29 00:55:39 PDT 1999

Petition: Suharto should be brought to trial

During the 32 years of Suharto's presidency the people of Indonesia have suffered gravely. Suharto is responsible for crimes against humanity, for political and economic crimes, and of flagrant misgovernment. Up to one million people were killed during the events which led to his coming to power in 1967. Since then some 200,000 have been massacred in East Timor, and tens of thousands in Aceh, Lampung, Irian Jaya.

Suharto has caused hundreds of thousands to be detained arbitrarily for years (on Buru island alone ten thousand were detained without trial, on average for ten years). For 3 decades millions of ex-political prisoners were obliged to carry special identity cards stating their status, thus making it almost impossible for them to lead a normal life (to obtain work etc).

Suharto and his family have amassed a fortune estimated at 15 billion US dollars (Time Magazine, 17 May 1999). Under his regime "KKN", (Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism) flourished at all levels in Indonesia.

To bring Suharto to a fair trial would satisfy a sense of justice and be a lesson for future generations in Indonesia and elsewhere. But for this to become possible, strong pressure from international opinion is needed in order to bolster the efforts being made in Indonesia to this effect, as well as to reform government and society and establish a responsible democracy.

Therefore the undersigned supports the campaign for Suharto to be tried fairly, by an independent court of justice.

Initial Australian signaturies

Max Lane, National Coordinator, Action in Solidarity with Indonesia &East Timor; John Percy, National Secretary, Democratic Socialist Party (Australia); Lisa Macdonald, Editor, Green Left Weekly; Allen Myers, Editor. Links; Michael Karadjis, delegate Australian services Union; Wendy Robertson, National Coordinator, Resistance (Australia); Dr Helen Jarvis, Asia Pacific Institute for Democratisation & Development; Neville Spencer, Editor, Venceremos; Pip Hinman, Asia Pacific Women's Solidarity Network; Stephen O'Brien, Committees in Solidarity with Central America & the Caribbean (CISLAC); Dr Kamala Emanuel, medical practitioner; Peter Boyle, New Course Publications; Dr Tuntuni Bhattacharyya, medical practitioner; Jill Hickson, film maker; Chris Latham, Coordinator, Australia-Indonesia Student Solidarity Brigade; Allen Jennings, CISLAC Victoria; Ertugral Titiz, Kurdish activist; Mark Abberton, Education Officer, RMIT TAFE Students Association; Vanessa Hearman, ASIET Victoria; Trisha Reimers, Women's Officer, University of Western Australia Student Guild; Peter Robson, NUS Queensland Education Committee; Aaron Benedek, Education Officer, Sydney University Students Representative Council; Tim Gooden, Secretary, ACT Government Section, Community & Public Sector Union (CPSU); Philippa Stanford, Section Councillor, Centrelink Section, CPSU; Mark Cronin, Section Councillor, Centrelink Section, CPSU; Dr Jeremy Smith, lecturer University of Ballarat, National Tertiary Education & Industry Union national councillor; Melanie Sjoberg, organiser, Public Service Association (South Australia); Maurice Sibelle, coordinator, Victorian TAFE Students & Apprentices Network (VTSAN); Sarah Lantz, Student Research Officer, VTSAN; Dr Margaret Perrot, medical practitioner.

List of representatives of organisations who signed in the Paris meeting of Campaign for a Taxation on Financial Transactions (ATTAC). Click here to check the latest additions to the list.

Argentina Victor I Mendibil, FJA, Rincon, Buenos Aires. Australia Bianca Cheng, Action in Solidarity with Indonesia & East Timor (ASIET), Australia. Belgium (Belgique) Frangois Bonmariage, CADTM; Lucien Gosset, Group Economie Distributive; Eric Toussaint, Prisident CADTM; Joop Oomen, Anvers; Nancy Haccuria, Brussel; Philippe Massenaux, CADTM; Carmelina Russo, Namur; Juan Gonzalez, Brussel. Brazilia (Bresil) Henrique Cossart, Recife (Gravata); Margarida S Cossart, Recife (Gravata); Fernando ESPOSEL Attac; Catherine Faudry, Attac; Chico Vicente, President do CUT/RS; Jorge Nero, Mouvement Sans Terre; Ana Amilia Da Silva, professeur Sociologie, Sao Paolo. Canada Ginette Pellerin, ONP; JC Lurmel, Abolitionist Party. Colombia Manuel Rodriguez, Sintratelefonos-CUT, Bogota; Victor Bautista, Sintratelefonos, Bogota; Hernando Franco, Revista Thema; Rodrigo Acosta B Central Unit. Trabajadores, Bogota. Ctte d'Ivoire Fofana NIFO, Bassam. France Alain Krivine, diputi europien, Ligue Communiste Rivolutionnaire; Roseline Vachetta, diputi europienne, Ligue Communiste Rivolutionnaire; Pierre Rousset, journaliste; Frangois Vignoux, Universiti Paris 8; Renaud Fabre, Universiti Paris 8; Nicholas Bell, Forum Civique Europien. Germany (Allemagne) Lihi Lotz, Marches Europiennes. Guyane (Guiana) Maurice Pindaro, MDES. Hollande Robert Wenb, economiste. India Sandeep Pendse, VAK; Rev. NL Karkare, Dristi; Tseten Nirdu, TYC. Ireland Dominic Phelan, Ireland East Timor Campaign. Korea Won Soung-Su, People's Solidarity for Social Progress, Seoul; Chau Keun-Lee, Taegu Round Korea Committee; Park Ha-Soon, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions; KIM Seok, Policy & Information Centre for International Solidarity; Cheong Yang-Hee, Seoul Womens Trade Union; Jung Byang-Do; Committee for Student Solidarity. Malaysia (Malaisie) Y Kohila, ERA Consumer. Mali Nouhoum Keita, Radio Kayira Bamako. Marocco Elrhazi Gortat, Kenitra. Mexico Jose Arturo Magalhanz, FNSU; Josi R. Verdugo Cerecer, Fed. Sindicado Univ; Josi Luis G Calzadilla, STUNAM; Asuncion Ramirez Barayas, UDG. Niger Mdou Naiga, Synicat National des Enseignants. Norwegia (Norvhge) Olivier Bouisson, Oslo. Pakistan Shoaib Bhatti, Chairman Labour Party Pakistan (Lahore); Rasheed Ahmad Makhdoo, Vice-chairman Labour Party.. Philippines Rev. Vicente Pelebello, National Chairperson, Alab-Katipunan; Dorothy Guerrero, Institute for Popular Democracy; Alberto Siratengco, Movement for Nationalism & Democracy; Ronaldo Llamar, Ak-Bayan - Citizen's Action Party; Francisco Parcelal, Resource Center for People's Development; Froilyn Tenorio, TLWO, Cotabato (Mindanao). Portugal Joao Luis Lisboa, enseignant. Senegal G Hadi, Union Democratique des Enseignants; Abdou Salam Sau, SNES. Spain (Espagne) Nuria Varela, Plataforma 0,7%. South Africa (Afrique du Sud) Carl Brecker, Alternative Information & Development Centre; Lungisile Nisebela, PLAAS. Sweden Berti Ottoson, Amnesty International. Switzerland (Suisse) Michelle Marillier, Attac; Acacio Calisto, Attac; Alessandro Pelizarri, Attac Lausanne; Luca Pellegrini, Solidaritis; Petruzella Siro, SEI. Thailand Kayotha Bamrung, Assembly of the Poor; Boonthan Verawongse, Campaign for Popular Democracy; Nicola Bullard, Focus on Global ST. USA (Etats-Unis) Diane Feeney, San Francisco, California. Yugoslavia Bazidar Jaksic, Institute for Philosophy & Social Theory, Belgrade.

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