Waco and the Lesser of Two Evils

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sun Aug 29 09:52:39 PDT 1999

Thomas Waters wrote:

>At 03:44 PM 8/28/99 -0400, Doug wrote:
> >When I saw Kovel last weekend at URPE summer camp, he said he's wants
> >to get away from the concept of use value, which is too much like
> >using-up, and replace it with the concept of usufruct.
>I think this is a mistake. If use-values were not *consumed* in order to
>satisfy needs, their circulation could never have given rise to value.

He's not talking about capitalism, he's talking about a socialist rhetorical strategy. Capitalists use without regard to destructiveness; red-greens want to be more careful.


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