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Marko Ajdaric marko at lutacontinua.zzn.com
Mon Feb 1 02:33:25 PST 1999

Stuff I have collected to put at disposal today in my home page.


Hope it will help everyone.

There is yet stuff in Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian.

Chile: Search for Hidden Graves in Colonia Dignidad authorised Ford in the U.K. will suspend vehicle production for 25 days Seeing Yugoslavia Through a Dark Glass (yet a question) Kenya: Students face represion but stand still. 13 in hospital An extensive file about Pinochet's crimes Iraq: UNSCOM spying confirmed A NAFTA for Africa? Brazil races to defuse the debt time bomb Right-wing paramilitaries kidnapped 4 human rights workers in Colombia Christine Lamont and David Spencer are freed India: Enron, a corporation history of cumplicity in human rights violations USWA says new import data portends disaster for american steel industry The Varian Fry Papers at Columbia University Proposed EU code of conduct for multinationals working in developing countries aims to curb corporate exploitation Nigeria: Chevron's onshore facilities are now shut Mutations are accumulating fastly in the human genome ''Rosa Luxemburg’s Importance For Today'', by Rhonda Sussman A brief definition of Neo Liberalism for activists Reality Political Economy Pages. Hetherodox, you would say. But worthy a visit New: the working papers of The Economic Geography Research Group The Brazilian financial scam, a scholar text

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