Butler and Hegel

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Mon Feb 1 13:44:17 PST 1999

Thanks to Frances and Chuck for essays on Hegel. I understand that Engels and Marx called him the philosopher of the French Revolution which dovetails with some of Chuck's comment. Engels discusses the revolutionary kernel in Hegel in _Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of German Classical Philosophy_

Charles Brown
>>> Chuck Grimes <cgrimes at tsoft.com> 01/31 4:45 AM >>>

I found Hegel's _Phenomenology of Mind_, the ratty paper copy I passed over at Moe's three days ago and was mulling over Francis's post that summarized the key sections when it occurred to me that maybe a lot of people on this list have not taken their core history of humanities classes. For shame. The poverty of higher education in the United States these days is truly appalling. Judging from some of the responses to Butler's Psyche Life of Power, it seems to me a lot of Econ majors shined their L&S core requirements. Please allow me to make up for this tragic loss.

In order to place and understand Butler (at least in this work), you have to have been exposed to Hegel and understand his position in the history of western philosophy. And it also helps to have some idea of


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