Cop Shows & Althusser's Law (was Re: surplus and otherstuff)

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Tue Feb 2 07:07:22 PST 1999

How are you ,Tom,

You know truck drivers would seem a natural for adventures. They have had movies on them and maybe a couple of shows. But they don't blanket our tv guides with them like the show me your badge shows.

I can't help but think that the powers-that-be don't want everyday people to start thinking of themselves as stars and heroes, and so they censor a lot of creative, new plots.

The talents the hollywood folks are interested in are the filthy lucre kind.


>>> Tom Lehman <TLEHMAN at> 02/01 5:53 PM >>>
Dear Charles,

I think the reason there are so many cop shows is because cop shows are easy to write and the same goes for the related genre of detective and lawyer shows. They are a no brainer. It would take a really creative and knowledgeable writer to portray steelworkers, autoworkers or utility workers etc.

For example, I'll bet Doug could write a really gripping tele-drama about New York City utility workers. I mean its got to be a jungle down there. The fellows at the Baffler, I'm sure could write some knock your socks off stuff about steelworkers or autoworkers. So could Mike Davis.

In laymans language, it would take real talent.

Your email pal,

Tom L.

Charles Brown wrote:

> Another fact I feel sure in is that there are a disproportionate number of cop shows relative to other occupations. I haven't seen any shows based on auto or steelworkers lives. There are very few or none on busdrivers, etc. , etc.

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