Lesbian 'Phallus' or Gratuitous Rudeness? (was Re: Cop Shows....)

d-m-c at worldnet.att.net d-m-c at worldnet.att.net
Wed Feb 3 03:31:37 PST 1999

>I really doubt that Dr. Butler was recommending gratuitous rudeness,
>narcissistic agression, plain old snobbery, etc. in the name of playing
>with the Lesbian Phallus.

Wot?! My word, I did not know I'd grown a Symbolic Jiggler!! Well let's see here.... Well by jiminiy, there it is and it only wants to fuck wit grrRls too. Maybe I need some Viagra, maybe it'll learn me how to be your kinda woman there Yoshie, ey?


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