Charles Murray

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Feb 3 09:28:27 PST 1999

Rakesh Bhandari wrote:

>The WSJ's willingness to give him so much of the editorial page suggests
>that real cancer has not yet been eliminated.

The WSJ runs lots of nonsense on its edit page, so Murray is hardly a departure. The scary thing is that his lunacy has a way of becoming conventional wisdom a decade later. Losing Ground came out in, what, 1984? Clinton ran for president 8 years later on a pledge to end welfare as we know it, and by god he did. If the U.S. economy ever sinks again, it wouldn't surprise me to hear Pres. Gore embrace "custodial democracy," though of course he'd find a prettier name. What was that phrase Murray used in The Bell Curve - about turning the "inner cities" into somewhat nicer Indian reservations? With the Clinton admin blowing up public housing projects, there's plenty of open space to work with now.


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