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Charles Brown CharlesB at
Wed Feb 3 12:03:28 PST 1999

I agree with Tom.

Murray seems rilly stuck on stupid, but he poses as an intellect. He is a profound liar. In a country with David Duke and Newt Gingrich, I am about to call Amnesty International and report a human rights emergency in America today, because Murray is politically, scientifically and morally incorrect. What of Boas and Stephen Jay Gould's historic refutations biological racism ? What of anthropologist F. Ashley Montagu's on the basic superiority of women over men ? See "The Black Family: The Ties That Bind", by Angela and Fania Davis (In _Women, Race and Culture_) for some refutations of "underclass" mistheory. See anti-lumpen analysis of U.S. poverty and refutation of underclass theory in "Apologies for Racism" Anthony Monteiro.(critique of the liberal usage "underclass" by W. Wilson).

Lets put Murray in a museum on the trash heap of history.

Charles Brown

>>> Tom Lehman <TLEHMAN at> 02/02 9:01 PM >>>
Dear Doug and the LBOers,

Charles Murray is on my short list of candidates for the position of anti-christ. Has anyone ever noticed if he has the number 666 on his right hand or forehead. I've only seen the potential beast on TV, and, he could be wearing make-up to conceal it.

Also, this American Enterprise Institute that Charles Murray works for isn't it some kind of santanic worship center where they worship some kind of golden idol...that Charles Murray makes talk. Check out Revelation 13:15-18.

Your email pal,

Tom L.

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