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<< Gould reviewed the Bell Curve for the New Yorker, and pointed out that even

by Murray & Herrnstein's own evidence, IQ explains only about 2-3% of

social outcomes. That is, they claimed that IQ explained 50% of social

outcomes and their regressions had r^2's of around .05 (the only time I've

ever seen an r^2 quoted in the New Yorker!). So 5% of 50% = 2.5%. It's no

wonder they presented only the regression trendlines in their texts, since

if they'd shown the full scattergrams they'd have looked only slightly less

than random. And that, of course, is on the basis of their own crackpot


Doug >>

hmmmm, could it be that murray isn't intelligent enough to understand statistical regressions???? maggie coleman mscoleman at

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