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Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Wed Feb 3 21:19:27 PST 1999

Chomsky's more profound criticism of Herrnstein is actually "psychology and ideology" in For Reasons of the State. 1973.

What is rather amazing however is the almost complete neglect by Murray and Herrnstein, as well as Jensen, of Schiff and Lewontin's Education and Class: The Irrelevance of IQ Genetic Studies. What is also interesting is that the Berkeley Sociologists Fisher, et al Inequality By Design also do not comment on that study.

As for Doug's point, don't forget that the 5 to 10 percentage points that IQ accounts for have to themselves be halved because Murray cites heritabilities of IQ of 60%. That's how Gould gets to 2.5%. For some reason, Fisher et al don't make this point in the intro to their book, though it was published two years after Gould's review. They accept the 5-10% number that Murray tucks away in the footnotes.

I wonder if Gould and Lewontin are not cited due to their Marxist sympathies--though of course Lewontin's philsophy of dialectical materialism may be more Hegelian in spirit than actually Marxian.

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