IQ issue

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Thu Feb 4 12:22:09 PST 1999

You got it , Doug. Same old story.


>>> Doug Henwood <dhenwood at> 02/04 2:55 PM >>>
Greg Nowell wrote:

>Therefore, even if you believed that IQ was an
>appropriate basis for discrimination in society, you
>would still have no basis for discrimination on race.
>In other words, even if you grant all the ifs, ands,
>and buts to the "IQ among races is detectable" side
>(and you don't have to do that), you still don't emerge
>with any basis on which to organize any particular
>social resources--including education, income, or
>anything else. So what is the point of the argument?

Absolving American society of racism, of course. All those centuries of enslavement and oppression aren't the cause of African-Americans distress - it's their bad genes. In fact, white people were right to treat them as second-class citizens because God made them that way. Don't you get it Greg?


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